Collateral System

WhisperTrax VO Series Brochure Cover and Spread

WhisperTrax VO Series Brochure Cover and Spread


Introduce a new product line of standard conveyor systems in a material handling market where this type of product had previously been custom ordered.


The WhisperTrax name was developed to convey the benefit of the nearly silent running system. To convey the “quiet” of the WhisperTrax line, each brochure utilized ample white space, with the products vignetted. Coloful application photography and sans serif typography was used to provide a contemporary, current look.

There were brochures in this format for each line in the WhisperTrax series that enclosed into a custom binder with custom tabs, for a complete sales kit.

Three units were sold during the first hour of the trade show in which the collateral and accompanying trade show graphics were introduced. Immediately following the trade show, SpanTech,the parent company for WhisperTrax, received over 350 quotation requests for this new line.